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Rotel Internet Radio

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About Rotel

Rotel Products - DVD and CD players, preamplifiers, surround sound processors, power amplifiers, receivers and more - are unique. They come from a 40 year old, family owned organization dedicated to the design and manufacture of the finest in affordable, high performance home theater and high fidelity components. We use the word "manufacture" advisedly. We make everything from core components to complete products ourselves. In our own factories. Under our own control. Is this important? Extremely.

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This site allows you, the owner of a Rotel Internet Radio device, to access additional free and premium content and to set up your list of favourite stations. You can also add personalised streams and your favourite podcasts to your radios through this site.

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You can personalise your radio experience by adding some of the world's best online music services direct to your Rotel Internet Radio device. You can also enable interactive features, taking your listening pleasure to a whole new level.